Weekend at qwikLABS

Got some free time this weekend? (Snowed in? Bracket busted? Or just motivated to master the AWS Cloud?) Take advantage of qwikLABS’ unlimited free AWS lab event (all part of #AWSCloud10) before time runs out (on March 31).

Not sure where to start? If you’re familiar with AWS already and want to skip the intros, check these labs out (while they’re free of charge):

If you are new to AWS, get your first look at the AWS Console in less than 30 minutes with Intro to EC2 – then dive deeper into more complex labs like Building a Media Sharing Website – Part 1.

Does one of these catch your eye? If you’re feeling ambitious, take a look at our Quests (can you earn a badge in a weekend?).

Even if you don’t have time to squeeze in a free lab or two, have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Weekend at qwikLABS”

  1. I notice that these two labs are not free.

    – Exploring Google Ngrams with Amazon EMR
    – Streaming Dynamic Content using Amazon CloudFront

    Are they excluded from the AWS 10 years celebration promo?

    1. Hi there, thank you for stopping by!

      These labs are definitely not excluded – all labs are free thru March 31 🙂 Exploring Ngrams and Streaming Dynamic Content are available now, free of charge. They were taken offline for maintenance for a short period of time (this happens occasionally when we notice something’s not quite right with a lab).

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