qwikLABS: The almond of tech learning

One of the things we have in our office consistently, 100% of the time, is snack food. Some of it is healthy (dried mangos) and some of it is a little on the junkfood side (even though the popcorn promises it’s a good source of vitamins).


Generic clip-art lady with donuts – you can find anything on the internet…

Every day we sample a little of this and a little of that. We have our favorites that we keep stocked. We try new things and decide whether or not a second appearance is deserved.

The office favorite? Almonds. What do we like about them? They’re nourishing. Flavorful. Satisfying. They come in different flavors, and are delicious in (almost!) any iteration. Bottom line? Almonds are snackable, and good for you.

So what is the point, other than making everyone feel hungry? qwikLABS, with our hands-on lab approach to training, is the almond of learning new technology. Seriously, learning new technologies like AWS can result in massive career opportunities. And qwikLABS, with our snackable, good-for-you labs, should be in your browser’s recent history (if you’re not taking one right now).

The qwikLABS almond: It’s snackable, and good for you

  • Pick and choose what you want to learn. The AWS catalog has 90+ options to choose from. The NVIDIA catalog has 20+. It’s like browsing a buffet. Take a lab like Intro to EC2 (free!) – if you like it, continue snacking with Building a Media Sharing Website. Not to your taste? Check out something completely different like Intro to IAM (also free, and the first lab you need to earn your Associate Solutions Architect badge).

  • Online labs give you a way to learn anywhere with an internet connection. As convenient as a handful of jelly beans (or carrot sticks).

  • Labs are a simple, no-fuss way to learn. The lab platform boils learning down to its essentials. For example, with a qwikLABS AWS lab, students log into the AWS Console (the real Console, not a simulation) and practice with the tools AWS has to offer. When your stomach growls, do you start a 3-hour meal prep? No, you snag a snack.

  • Got plans for today? How about tomorrow? Most of us do. Finding time to learn complex new skills is tough and for many, dedicating weeks or even a day to learning new stuff is not possible. qwikLABS designs labs to be quick (or qwik!) and easy, like snacking. When you find yourself with 45 free minutes, hop into a lab to pick up a new skill.

Are you reaching into your snack drawer yet? Visiting the kitchen? Or logging into qwikLABS to check out our latest snackable labs?

PS: Kudos to Wadson for the almond-bowl conversation and Dave for the foodie advice 🙂

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