Meet the new Quest: Serverless Design with AWS Lambda

The newest AWS Quest is here! Serverless Design with AWS Lambda takes you deep into the hot new trend in Cloud computing. 

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Let’s go behind the scenes with the newest AWS Quest, for some Q&A.

I want to use Lambda for event driven programming. Is it more efficient than what I’m using now? How does it work?

This Quest can give you a bunch of insights into how Lambda can help you improve your efficiency (and reliability, and your monthly bottom line too). Test drive event driven programming with Serverless Architectures with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Kinesis Streams with AWS Lambda. Build a real-world application using AWS Triggers, which combines DynamoDB Streams and Lambda. 

I hear that you can’t access resources inside an Amazon VPC. Is this true?

Typically, resources inside Amazon VPC cannot be accessed over the public Internet. But with VPC-specific configuration information, including VPC subnet IDs and security group IDs, you can enable your Lambda function to access resources inside your private VPC. Learn how with Serverless Access to RDS and ElastiCache Behind a VPC with AWS Lambda.

Can Lambda help me get a t-shirt?

Absolutely! All you have to do is develop an Alexa skill by the end of June. And we can help with that, with the Alexa lab. In this lab, you will build a voice-response app for Alexa, using a Lambda Blueprint (you’ll learn how to use a variety of blueprints throughout this Quest – blueprints provide a framework for your Lambda functions, making Lambda easier and faster for you). 

Who will earn the first Lambda badge? Tweet us (@qwikLAB) when you’re done with the hashtag #LambdaQuest!

Lambda Quest Badge

This would look great on your resume.

3 thoughts on “Meet the new Quest: Serverless Design with AWS Lambda”

  1. Hi Team,
    How can I copy files between two S3 buckets using Lambda function can you give me steps and scripts to do this.


  2. Great improvement they have made to amazon web services over the years. I’ve seen many aws examples in several blogs including creately diagram community. There are 1000s of templates and examples to be used freely.

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