100 Labs, 100 Credits Up for Grabs

Today is a big day for qwikLABS. We reached the 100 -Lab Milestone. And we’re just getting started. 

So what’s next? Thought you’d never ask!

9 Steps to reach AWS lab #101, and win 100 credits along the way

  1. We’re looking ahead to the next 100 AWS labs, and we want your ideas. Tweet us (we’re @qwiklab) with the hashtag #nextqwikLAB and share your ideas (or like us on Facebook or LinkedIn and do the same thing). The three best ideas will win 100 credits.
  2. We just published the 100th AWS lab. You have a grand total of 100 AWS labs (10×10, 50+50, 99+1!) available to you today! 
  3. Do you think you can take all 100 in a month? Are you a qwikLABS Advantage subscriber? 
  4. While this is a big milestone, we are looking ahead to the next 100 AWS labs. And we want your help. 

    How many coffee beans went into the making of 100 qwikLABS…

  5. Tell us what you want the next AWS lab to be, and why. 
  6. Tweet us (we’re @qwiklab) with the hashtag #nextqwikLAB and share your ideas. Or like us on Facebook or LinkedIn and do the same thing (hint: you get more characters on Facebook to express your brilliant lab idea).
  7. On 6/9 midnight Eastern, the contest ends (that’s Thursday). We’ll pick our top 3 favorite lab ideas. Then we’ll create those labs. Yup, that’s right. You could decide what’s in the next AWS lab!
  8. But wait, there’s more. If your idea is one of the 3 winners, you will receive 100 credits, good for any AWS lab on qwikLABS.com. To the victors go the spoils! 
  9. Stay tuned, we might ask for your help deciding the 3 winners when we get down to the last few favorites…. Yes, you can even vote for yourself!

What do you think? See any labs you would like?

PS: Oops, we’re already at 103…

35 thoughts on “100 Labs, 100 Credits Up for Grabs”

  1. Hi Emily, I like the content of labs but felt they miss real life scenarios typically performed by a devops engineer. It would help if a real life use case are designed and built into labs;with some documentation and hints to solve it should be added before actual lab which has steps to make it more useful ?

  2. Yes, free training is good. It’s a good way to get people to bite into your product especially around what it can do and how to use it. Once people get over that, they can further invest in term of time and money to learn more.

  3. Add new and upcoming AWS Services:
    It would be great to see new badges/labs for integrating Cognito with AWS API Gateway and Lambda endpoints etc. Maybe a lab focusing only on API Gateway, it’s pretty difficult to find current documentation on it. Adding IOT use cases and EFS would be a nice addition as well. I absolutely love the new ServerLess course you guys added. However, the overview of integrations and request parameters was very basic, I was thirsty for more: passing parameters, models etc.

    More Feedback:
    It would be beneficial to a get minimal break down of how one is graded for each section of the lab. We could start with pass/fail/partial for each section. So users will get feedback on what to improve on.

    Just my 2 cents :).

  4. How about a Lab on leveraging the Lambda function utilizing SNS topics to tell you how far Dominos Pizza delivery is from your location?

  5. “demonstrate how amazon cloud could be used for enhanced security for financial transactions” is a Great idea.

  6. Well done. Should you think about keeping lab available for at least 24 hrs. So the we can do it again and again. Apart from this, these lab excersizes are best and not comparable to any other material out there.

  7. The current series of available labs are good but needs to add more labs. Please try to add the labs regarding the other services and if it would be possible to include the troubleshooting labs.

  8. Hi Emily,

    Hearty Congratulations and hope you reach big milestones in near future.

    I would like to have a demo lab which helps us to deploy an .NET or any other application on amazon web services.Though it includes more than one service, but it would help an individual to get a clear insight on how it is deployed and managed on Cloud. Today, the entire market is migrating to Cloud. Real example is my company as I don’t want to disclose my company details. We are signing lots of projects that would migrate existing apps to cloud infrastructure, so it would help the associates to have a basic introduction on how an Application is deployed and maintained throughout its lifetime including all scalability, throughput and minimizing latency .

    I think this would cover all major services like EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, SNS etc.

    A major drawback in other cloud services is comprised by AWS as it have a good service and on the whole it’s leading in the market.

    Thank you

  9. I think this training is good without limitation to access even we will pay subscription basis. I also want to be able to build example SIEM, SSO, Monitoring, IoT on this Platform.

  10. Hi Team EmilyQwikLabs,
    It was my first experience with Cloud using AWS through qwiklabs. I would like you to move a head of the present labs, badges then to allow people who completed certain labs to provide with an opportunity of qwiklabs certified professionals, that would really be an added advantage for any young professionals for any sort of job trials.
    Thank you,
    Saikumar B.

  11. How about a lab on utilizing AWS for game-engines, rendering and game-development both in collaborative environments and standalone powerhouse use-cases? I’d sign up for that today.

  12. My idea is that providing some tutorials for college students to use AWS. Because many schools don’t provide such a course, this might be useful for students. Maybe, you can set several interesting projects for new learners to follow and learn by themselves.

  13. Hi Emily,

    I am a certified AWS Solution Architect – Associate. I have also completed the solution architect series of labs for both associate and professional on qwiklabs. I do appreciate what is available on qwiklabs. But i feel the content on the labs is not sufficient enough for exams but is enough for a quick hands-on. Some suggestions.

    1. The lab is a series of instructions. Can videos be added to explain more on the AWS services details covered in the lab.
    2. The lab can provide tests to the students during the course and at the end of the lab. Like an assessment to test the understanding.
    3. Finer details of the AWS services can get covered. For eg., S3 we can touch upon encryption.
    4. An exam can be set up, the badge should be given only upon completion
    5. A real life scenario can be given as the exam question. Students will architect and build the required components in the lab.

    Thanks for the great labs.

  14. Hi Emily

    We as an company have started to look at cloud providers and biggest concern so far internally is the security around getting the to the cloud world. We are mandated by certain compliance issues so it’s important for us that those things are addressed before we open up to hybrid model.
    If we talk about moving to cloud – Mostly its about

    for being the major players. As an organization we are required to look at all aspects in choosing which cloud provider..
    Anything around areas as Hybrid Approach, Compliance and Security is appreciated.


  15. Hi Team,

    Existing lab based exercises are very useful. I feel it will be value added if each exercises can have some of troubleshooting techniques along with documentation and also that would be better if we have option to retake same exercise multiple times in order to hands-on without spending credits for same lab.


  16. How about lab for creating business applications for eg sharepoint site (fully functional) or oracle database 12c install and secure set up ?


  17. I’m interested in Amazon Game Studios (AGS), and I would like to see labs dedicated to game development. There is obviously huge potential here.

  18. It would be great if there is a lab on creating a secure Backend for Mobile applications covering User registration, Rest API’s, Business logic and Database using AWS. May be using a sample social media application for demonstration.


  19. I think we are lacking big time in big data and I would like to see more in-depth labs on big data, here are a couple of ideas:

    1. A real world use case where streaming data is first (enriched, cleaned, machine learning model applied or whatever) and then put into either S3 (via Firehose) or Redshift and then used to create mind blowing visualizations that are real-time (probably on Redshift data).

    2. Using data from the above (S3), have an EMR Hadoop cluster that uses Amazon’s machine learning service to create models that are used by the real-time streaming data

  20. Creating a lab involves lot of homework and I see perfection in all the labs.
    The count will go up in any way and but keep every lab AWeSome as always.

  21. As Amazon AWS is getting more popular in the public cloud, I suggest a lab that shows how to secure a particular AWS infrastructure using private network.

  22. Congratulations.

    My suggestion is to create a end-end lab that demonstrates how specific infrastructure business use case can be supported using AWS. This lab will specify the business problem and how we can put together various/required AWS services to solve the problem. Later on we will perform the Lab that exactly solve the problem by configuring various services.

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