Meet the new Amazon Redshift Quest

Got data? If you have lots of it, Amazon Redshift can help. And qwikLABS can help too, with the newest quest: Advanced Operations Using Amazon Redshift!

Click here to see all the labs in this Quest.

Your Quest, should you choose to accept it, delves deep into the world of Amazon Redshift. You will learn to optimize for storage efficiency and query performance, use your data to create prediction models, and more. After all, what’s the point of all that data if you can’t use it?

Here are some of the things you’ll do in the Quest: 

  1. Practice data visualization with Amazon Redshift and Tableau. Beautiful!
  2. Build a flight delay prediction model with Amazon Redshift and Amazon Machine Learning. When you’re done, see how well the predictions compare to real flight stats. 
  3. Watch Redshift’s performance improve as you tweak Data Distribution, set up Workload Management Groups, and run a Python compression utility. 

When you finish the Quest, you will have earned your Advanced Operations Using Amazon Redshift badge. Click here to check out all the new labs in this Quest. Good luck, and happy Questing!

Advanced Ops Using Amazon Redshift Badge

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