and the winners are….

To celebrate reaching 100 labs on, we asked for your help choosing the next labs to add to the qwikLABS catalog. You shared 125 brilliant ideas, then from those ideas, you selected 3 winners. 

Without further ado, the winners are:

  1. IoT – Introduction to AWS Internet of Things – From Samel on Twitter, you’ll want to check back soon for this one. It’s probably going to join our collection of freebies….

    Photo courtesy of firepile(CC Attribution)

  2. AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam Prep – From Santosh on Facebook, this sounds like a Quest to me!
  3. Create your first container on Amazon ECS – This was one of the earliest suggestions to come in from Hrijul, also on Twitter

Congratulations to Samel, Santosh, and Hrijul! Remember the 100 credit prize? The three of you will see credits appearing in your qwikLABS account by the end of the week. 

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