3 ways to save the world with AWS & Serverless Architecture

The Serverless Design with AWS Lambda quest badge would look great on your cape… so what are you waiting for? Learn what you can do with serverless design and AWS Lambda with the latest quest from qwikLABS. 

1. Use AWS Lambda to create your own Alexa skill – yep, voice design! 

You can build your own Alexa skill – and feel free to use the skill in the lab as a template to make your own! While the Amazon Echo might not pass the Turing test (yet), there is an incredible amount of potential in the device (and a free t-shirt). 

Serverless chat bots

Photo courtesy of legoalbert(CC Attribution)

2. Use AWS Lambda to create a Slack chat bot. 

You can build a chat bots to help manage your mission critical environments. A chat bot can post status messages and alerts based on application and environment monitors (in this qwikLAB, you will experiment with an SNS topic subscription). If your team uses something like Slack, everyone will see the chat bot’s messages, giving your entire team visibility into what’s going on. 

Even better, a bot can run commands on your behalf. Back to the Slack example, say you see an alert that cache is full, causing a problem for your application. You know exactly what to do to fix it, but rather than running it yourself, you send commands through the chat bot. The bot will run the commands, the problem is resolved, and your entire team can see the entire transaction in Slack (so 6 people aren’t jumping online at once trying to fix the same problem). 

3. Use AWS Lambda with VPC, keeping your data secure and taking advantage of Lambda’s savings and efficiency. 

Typically, resources inside Amazon VPC cannot be accessed over the public Internet. With VPC-specific configuration information, including VPC subnet IDs and security group IDs, you can enable your Lambda function to access resources inside your private VPC. In this qwikLAB, you will practice setting up this configuration. Then you can apply the same concepts to your environment. 

Even if you’re not featured in comic books or Saturday morning cartoons, complete the AWS Lambda quest, and pin this badge to your cape (or just put it on your resume)! 

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