Notice something different?

Nope, not a new haircut. Next time you log into qwikLABS, you’ll see a few changes – for the better! Curious? Read on, then log in to see the new stuff for yourself.  

1. Your lab connection details, including the password you use to log into the Console and take the lab, are on a new sliding tab labeled “Connect” on the right side of your screen. When you start your lab, click the tab to see your connection info.

2. You will notice a new tool for switching between lab manuals, videos, and Command Reference TXT files

3. When lab instructions refer to the “Command Reference TXT File tab” in your qwikLABS instructions, you will look for the file here:

4. Are you familiar with the PDF lab manuals? They are on their way out. We are converting lab manuals to a new format. The new format allows lab manuals to appear as a web page (mobile friendly – great if you want to view lab steps on your tablet while you use your computer to run the lab itself). All new manuals will be released in the new format and you’ll notice ongoing conversions over the next month or two. 

Check out Introduction to Amazon Elastic MapReduce, one of the first new manuals. What do you think of the new Table of Contents tool?

5. The new format allows you to copy and paste code snippets directly from the manual. Anything that looks like the snippet below can be copy/pasted. Please note that only lab manuals in the new format have this feature.

6. Clickable links! Again, only for lab manuals in the new format. 

What do you think? Comment below, tweet us, whatever you prefer. Hope you like the new features as much as we do!

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