How to show your qwikLABS badge – and get away with it

Completing a qwikLABS quest and earning a badge is a huge accomplishment – and one you should be proud of. When you earn a badge, you demonstrate to the world that you mastered a skill set with Amazon Web Services. Not only that, you have real, hands-on experience with the AWS Console. Whether you earn a badge on your own or your employer sponsors your qwikLABS lab work, your badge is undeniably yours. You earned it! 

By default, your badge is not public when you first earn it. You maintain total control of what information is shared, when, and how. You can post a link to your badge anywhere you want (online profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you can send links to badges through email, and you can even copy/paste a link onto your resume. But first, you have to choose what information to share and make your badge public!

qwikLABS profile

Profile roulette anyone? Here's what a badge looks like.

How to share your badge publicly

Here’s how to share your badge: 

1. Log into

2. At the top of your qwikLABS dashboard, click the Badges tab. 

3. If you already have a public profile, you will see it on this tab. If you do not have a public profile, click the + button to add one.

Create your profile

Click the + button to start your public profile.

4. Decide what details you want to share in your public profile. 

Your public profile will always show:

  • Your First and Last name according to what you listed in your qwikLABS account
  • Your photo if you have one (if you are uncomfortable sharing this, you can disconnect your gravatar account)
  • Total lab hours
  • Number of labs taken
  • And of course, your badges! 

If you select the option to “show user details”, your public profile can also show:

  • Company name
  • Email address

5. Click Share.

6. A modal window opens with a link to your badge. Copy the link and paste it anywhere – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your digital resume – prove that you have mastered AWS skills!

Badge URL

Share your badge via URL.

I shared my badge on LinkedIn and here’s what it looks like

There are a few different ways you can put your badges on your LinkedIn profile, and you can feel free to be creative with yours. I posted my Serverless Web Apps using Amazon DynamoDB badge as a “Certification”. Side note, when you edit your LinkedIn profile, you can add different types of information to your profile. I tried both “Course” and “Certification” and it seems like the latter works best. 

Here’s what my badge looked like when I added it: 

Adding my badge

Adding my badge to LinkedIn.

And here’s what my badge looks like on my LinkedIn Profile (or just click this link): 

Example of a badge on a LinkedIn profile

Example of a badge on a LinkedIn profile.

Have you shared your public profile yet? 

5 thoughts on “How to show your qwikLABS badge – and get away with it”

  1. Is there a screenshot of how the badge looks on a LinkedIn page? or just a link to the badge is displayed?

    1. Good question. You would want to put a link on your LinkedIn page (or any other page) that would lead to your public qwikLABS profile.

  2. Hi

    I tried to put the url on my LinkedIn profile page, but it doesn’t show a proper and correct badge icon and neither it link to my qwiklab profile when click on it.

    Can you please advise further?



    1. Hi Han, thx for sending your question along. I added a badge to my own LinkedIn profile as a “certification” — that seemed to work best (I tried a couple different ways). I updated this post with screenshots and links. Please feel free to check out how it looks. I hope this helps!

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