Notice something different about us?

qwikLABS has a new look. Click here to check it out! You’ll notice a few new features that we think you’ll like (whether you do or not, we’d love to hear about it). Most of the changes are small, but we hope they will AWSome-ize your lab experience. 

New AWS lab interface

Do you like my UI?.

Here are some of the changes you should know about: 

  • See the START LAB button? When you click it, you will see a progress bar that tells you when we’re finished building your lab for you. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to get everything ready for you (since you’re working in the real AWS Console, we’re spinning up a bunch of resources for you behind the scenes) but you can usually get started right away without waiting for everything to be done.

  • On the left pane directly under the name of the lab you’ll see how long the lab should take. When you start a lab, make sure you have enough time set aside to complete it. 

  • Moving down, the LAB RESOURCES tab is your friend. There, you will find text files for commands and code snippets (for copy/pasting without fear of mistyping), videos, and any other resources for your lab. 

  • When you start a lab, this is where you’ll find the button to OPEN CONSOLE – the AWS Console, that is. If you need any credentials, endpoints, PEM/PPK files, etc. you’ll find those here too, as soon as you start your lab. Notice that you will only see this information when you click START LAB. Otherwise, nothing to see here folks.

  • The CONTENTS tab gives you the Table of Contents – and if your lab is in our new format, the TOC is interactive (we’re in the process of converting 100% of our labs to the new format).

  • Need a better view of the lab guide? Click the <– arrow at the bottom of your screen to hide the left pane and give more real estate to the steps of your lab. (Click the –> arrow to get it back.)

Hope you like the new UI – let us know what you think! We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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