Got AWS Enterprise Support? Then you’ve got labs.

qwikLABS is now part of the AWS Enterprise Support perks! Read more here. Wondering what to do with your shiny new qwikLABS credits? Here are a few ways to take advantage of your new benefits:

Prepare for AWS certification with one of the certification exam prep Quests. (Here’s more about what a Quest is.) Did you know that to be part of the AWS Partner Network (APN), you need a certain number of AWS certified staff? 

qwikLABS can help you prepare for the Developer-Associate Exam, the SA Associate Exam, the SA Professional Exam, and the SysOps-Associate Exam. Which badge appeals to you?

qwikLABS badges: AWS Certification Prep

Ramp up on Serverless. It’s new, it’s hot, and the sooner you start taking advantage of it, the better. Check out the labs in the Serverless Design with AWS Lambda Quest.

qwikLABS badge: Serverless Design with AWS Lambda

Explore. The best way to learn new things is with hands-on exploration. Any one of the 120+ labs in the qwikLABS catalog gives you your own resources, a 100% authentic environment, and access to the real AWS Console. So jump into the sandbox and see what you can dig up! Take a lab today. 

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