Can you pass the Turing test?

Pass the Turing test, get your share of a $2.5 million prize. Fine print: your original socialbot, powered by Alexa, is actually what gets tested. 

The Alexa Prize, announced last week, is a $2.5 million competition to advance conversational artificial intelligence. 

Have you heard any of this from your device(s) of choice?

  • “Hmm, I didn’t catch that”
  • “Sorry, I’ll try harder”
  • “Can you please repeat the question”

The people behind the Alexa Prize want to scrub these phrases from the memory banks forever.

So the challenge for you, and university teams across the country, is to build a socialbot on the Alexa platform that can hold an intelligent conversation for 20+ minutes. Teams can submit their socialbots now through October 28. The competition starts Nov. 14 and culminates with a socialbot-off at re:Invent 2016 in Las Vegas. 

It’s Day 1 for conversational AI, and the best way for you to get started is to get your hands dirty. qwikLABS has the perfect sandbox for you – build your first Alexa Skill with us. (Can I interest you in a decision tree skill?) Each skill comes with a template to help you understand the innards of the Alexa Skill Kit and conversational AI in general. Pick from 5 different types of skills. (Read about developing a skill for the first time here!)

Find details on the Alexa Prize here. Even if you don’t get $2.5 million, get a free t-shirt if you create an Alexa skill between now and the end of October. Vintage edition!


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