Happy birthday, Alexa

What’s so special about November 7? On this date in 1492, the Ensisheim Meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, struck a wheat field in France. And, two years ago, we got Alexa! 

Amazon Alexa is changing the way the world thinks about technology, whether you’re looking for some help when your kid might have a fever or if you want to modernize a 10-year-old Father’s day gift. Alexa has become an ubiquitous household helper. 

But the real power of Alexa is developer accessibility. Literally anyone can get an Alexa skill up and running in a matter of hours. Got an idea? Yours can be the next “skill” (the Alexa equivalent of an app) in the library. And Qwiklabs can help! Click here to see all the different types of skills you can develop with Qwiklabs.

Start your first Alexa skill with one of our 5 Alexa skill development labs, like How to build a Trivia or Decision Tree skill. Each lab gives you a customizable template you can use to develop your own skill and walks you through configuring and testing the skill in the Developer Portal and the AWS Console. Are you hooked? Enroll in the Alexa Skills Quest. When you finish the Quest, you can put this badge on your resume.

Alexa Skills Quest

More Alexa development resources: 

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