Considering the AWS Certified Security – Specialty (Beta) exam?

The new AWS Certified Security – Specialty (Beta) exam is available now. Perfect timing! You can study up with the new Security on AWS Quest. Click here to enroll (enrolling is free). Get hands-on experience working with real use cases in the AWS Console while learning the practical applications of critical AWS security concepts and strategies. 

Here’s what you should know about the new exam:

  • For a limited time, sign up and get beta pricing. That’s a 50% discount (normally $300, now $150 – but register soon, the promo won’t last). 
  • In your next job upgrade, with this exam on your resume, target IT security-related positions around the world. According to, the average salary for an “IT Security” position is $95k in the US. Fine print: this isn’t a guarantee of any future salary in any way (but it’s a pretty compelling reason to explore opportunities). 
  • There are some eligibility requirements for this exam. For starters, you will need one of the following current AWS Certifications: AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate. Qwiklabs can help you study up for those, too. Check out the Solutions Architect – AssociateDeveloper – Associate, or the SysOps Administrator – Associate exam prep Quests. 

AWS Certification Quests

I’m in. What’s next?

  • Want to test the water before you jump in? Take one of the new security labs for a test drive. Explore a use case, see if it interests you, then you’ll be one step closer to earning the Security on AWS Quest badge. Here are a couple of suggestions, or click here for the full list.
  1. Top 10 Talkers in a VPC:  You will use the AWS Console and learn to use a pattern often found in network equipment called ‘Top Talkers’, an ordered list of the heaviest network users, to lock down security groups, analyze traffic patterns, and create network graphs.
  2. Performing a Basic Audit of your AWS Environment: Again, you will use the AWS Console to understand how to audit the use of multiple AWS services: Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon IAM, Amazon Security Groups, AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch. 

Security on AWS Quest Badge

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  1. This will be a great examination to learn and boost your career in the AWS field. Thank you for explaining all the details of this examination and the additional suggestions , these will be very useful for preparation of this examination.

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