Spotlight Labs at re:Invent

Have you taken a Spotlight Lab session at re:Invent yet? Spotlight labs are a totally new type of event this year. You can register online – but in case the session does not fit your schedule, or in the event that the session is full and you’re at the end of the waitlist, you can always take any of the four labs at your own pace. If you’re at re:Invent, all AWS labs are available in the Hands-On Labs room. 200 workstations, experts throughout the room to help answer your questions, and snacks!

This year’s Spotlight Labs:

  1. Advanced Amazon Redshift: Data Loading (~45 mins): Experiment with Redshift! Compare different data loading strategies. Load data from S3, remote hosts, and Amazon Data Pipeline, then practice troubleshooting. When you’re done, you can enroll in the Redshift Quest. Already one lab down!
  2. Serverless Architectures Using Amazon CloudWatch Events & Scheduled Events with AWS Lambda (~35 minutes): Good things come in two’s! This is a two-part lab. In Part The First, you will create and configure a Lambda function with CloudWatch events to monitor the creation of an EC2 instance. In Part The Second, you will create a Lambda function to alert you to success/failure via an Amazon SNS topic. This lab gets you one step closer to the Serverless Design with AWS Lambda badge
  3. Programming Amazon DynamoDB with .NET (~75 mins): Do you need to practice using the AWS Toolkit for .NET? This lab’s for you. You’ll learn the basic steps to install Visual Studio Community Edition and the AWS Console for .NET to run a simple console app in C# using the AWS SDK for .NET. 
  4. Deploy a Java EE App on AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Docker (~40 mins): Work your way through installing a Java EE app into JBoss Wildfly running a custom Docker container, then deploy your container to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. This is the final Spotlight Lab session, scheduled for Thursday at 4 pm. (Or take the lab at your own pace any time in the Hands-On Lab room – if you have questions, just Ask an Expert!)

See you in the Hands On Labs room! Full schedule here:

AWS labs at re:Invent

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