re:Invent Your Resume

re:Invent 2016 is going strong – new services and expanded capabilities are being announced almost hourly. Whether you are in Las Vegas or keeping an eye on new developments at home, it’s the perfect time to start reinventing your career. AWS experts are in demand, and Qwiklabs is a great tool to expand your Cloud and AWS smarts.

One way to maximize your resume is to add a Qwiklabs Quest badge (click here to see all available Quests). Did you know that Quest badges are AWS-authorized? When you complete a Quest and earn a badge, do yourself a favor and add a qwik line to your resume.

What’s a Quest? It’s a collection of hands-on labs, usually between 6 and 8 labs total, geared towards learning a specific area of AWS. For example, the Lambda Quest is an 8-labber. It starts with the Intro to AWS Lambda lab, and progresses through more advanced use cases, including building an Alexa skill with Lambda, and finishes with a lab exploring how to access RDS and ElastiCache behind a VPC with Lambda. (It also happens to be one of the most popular Quests. Interested? Enroll here.) Pick from 20+ Quests, including certification prep Quests – something for everyone! 

Click here to pick your Quest (enrolling is free).

When you complete a Quest, you earn a badge. It’s a virtual badge, meaning it’s always available online. You can build links to your badge from your digital resume, your LinkedIn profile, emails, and so on. Here’s what the Lambda badge looks like:

AWS Lambda badge
Are you at re:Invent 2016? Do you have some free time in your schedule? Swing by the Hands On Labs room for access to the entire AWS lab catalog. While you’re here, complete a Quest and get a free, very-limited-edition Qwiklabs t-shirt. Snazzy!

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