Start 2018 strong: New Google Cloud hands-on labs

Happy New Year from Qwiklabs!

What are your goals for 2018? Now’s the time to think about your career: where you are, and where you want to be. In 2018, our goal at Qwiklabs is to help you get and stay up-to-speed on cloud computing. It’s always changing! So to help you get the training you need, we are thrilled to release a brand new set of Qwik Start labs.

Qwik Start labs are designed to introduce you to new topics and service areas. Maybe you are curious about something you have never used before, like Google’s Internet of Things Core Service or Google’s Cloud Machine Learning (ML) Engine. Each Qwik Start guides you through the basics of a Google Cloud service and gives you a starting point for understanding what the service can do for you.

See all the new Qwik Starts here.

You can expect this list to grow. Did we mention that our catalog has grown to more than 200 labs? If you’re an Advantage subscriber, you have unlimited access to these and 200+ more hands-on labs to help you reach your career goals. Cloud computing skills are in demand, and labs are an excellent way to get hands-on experience with the live, production Google and AWS cloud consoles.

Here are some of our favorite new Qwik Start labs:

Cloud Spanner: Qwik Start. Thinking about building a new bank this year? Shine did, and they used Spanner. Take this lab to see what Spanner can do for your business. You will create a Cloud Spanner instance, database, and table, then add a schema, write and modify data, and run a query. Also available in Spanish!

Cloud IAM: Qwik Start. Identity Access Management is an important concept whether you use Google’s cloud or any other public cloud options. This lab walks you through granting and revoking a user’s permissions in the GCP Console. And check it out, this lab gives you two sets of credentials – one of the first labs ever to do so.

Google Cloud IAM training

App Engine: Qwik Starts. In the high-rated “Go” flavor of this lab, create a small App Engine application and experiment with how the server watches for changes in your project files and reloads them if necessary. Developers, rejoice!

So what are you waiting for? Get a Qwik Start on your 2018 career growth today!

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