Celebrating 10 years of AWS with unlimited free labs!

Exciting news – to celebrate 10 years of AWS, qwikLABS is offering all of our AWS labs for free! Starting right now, you can take any lab (we mean any!) free of charge on qwikLABS.com. Then take another, and another, and another… as many as you want!

Try out that lab you’ve had your eye on for weeks, finish up the Quest you started last month, or earn your next badge, totally free of charge. Real, hands-on training and Amazon authorized content – take advantage today.

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Congratulations to AWS, and good luck to you on your next lab!

AWS skills? You’re in demand

Computing clouds are being filled with unimaginable amounts of data. The task of managing this data is critical to tech giants and startups alike. How critical? So critical that the job market is incredibly competitive (and lucrative). It is a good time to be a cloud savvy engineer.

Want to get involved? qwikLABS is the fastest, most direct way to get into Amazon Web Services. Start with our intro labs (some free, like this Intro to EC2!) and build your way up to learning expert-level tools, all with live access to an AWS console and official Amazon curriculum. Earn badges to validate your skills and get ahead in your career.

Browse our catalog, or check out the Big Data Quest and earn your first badge!

Training teams, this one’s for you

People learn new skills every day using qwikLABS for fast, focused training they can trust. That’s great for individual professional development, but what if you’re looking for something more?

That’s where Share Groups come in. qwikLABS gives you a simple way to share and manage training at scale. Say 12 people in HQ need to learn how to deploy on AWS? Or maybe 400 people around the globe need to know how to build a VPC? Create a share group in minutes, and give your team access to on-demand training 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

Here’s how it works. Your organization can purchase a number of credits (discounted prices are available for bulk purchases), then distribute credits to individuals in Share Groups. Users automatically access qwikLABS credits from your company share group account when they select a lab. Run reports, manage your share group membership, add and remove credits, and watch your users’ progress in your dashboard.