AWS Summit Tokyo 2016:ラボのお時間を確保ください!

AWS Summit Tokyoにご参加の予定はありますか? (  今年のSummitは、過去最大規模で開催されます。3日間に渡り、100以上の最新のAWSクラウドのトレンドが紹介され、役員から開発者まで全員を対象としたものとなります。


新たなAWSのスキルを身に着ける最善の方法は、ハンズオンで経験することです。qwikLABSラボを利用すれば、新たなスキルを演習で試し、実際の AWSコンソールを使用できます。AWS Summit Tokyoにご参加される方は、ラボセッションにご参加いただくことが可能です。スケジュールはこちら ( でご確認ください。ラボセッションには3つのトピックが選ばれています。またセッションは AWSテクニカルトレーナーによって提供されます。AWSテクニカルトレーナーは10分間ほど説明を行い、その後、皆さんがラボを完了するご支援を致します。

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YOLO! You only lab once

Question: Why can I only take a lab once?

We hear this question on a pretty regular basis. “I paid for credits, spent the credits on a lab, took the lab, and you’re telling me I have to spend more credits to take the lab a second time?” It’s a valid question, and the answer is worth exploring (TLDR: subscribe to qwikLABS and take a lab as many times as you want!). 

The hands-on qwikLABS approach is dramatically different from other sources of online training. A lab is not like a book that you buy and read over and over. A lab is more like a sandwich – you only eat it once. 

qwikLABS for lunch

A lab is like a sandwich…

Get your lab on at AWS Chicago Summit

Are you in Chicago? Check out the AWS Summit, happening now. Say hi to Dave, the qwikLABS on-scene expert!

Many labs were taken.

One for the road

Snag a token (or 2) and take a free lab at the event, or save it for later. Bring one home to your friend while you’re at it – save your souvenir budget.

New look, same price (free!).

If you’re in Chicago, I hope you swing by and take a lab or two. And if you’re not in Chicago, no worries, qwikLABS AWS labs are available anywhere with an internet connection. Take a look at our catalog and find your next lab. 

AWS skills? You’re in demand

Computing clouds are being filled with unimaginable amounts of data. The task of managing this data is critical to tech giants and startups alike. How critical? So critical that the job market is incredibly competitive (and lucrative). It is a good time to be a cloud savvy engineer.

Want to get involved? qwikLABS is the fastest, most direct way to get into Amazon Web Services. Start with our intro labs (some free, like this Intro to EC2!) and build your way up to learning expert-level tools, all with live access to an AWS console and official Amazon curriculum. Earn badges to validate your skills and get ahead in your career.

Browse our catalog, or check out the Big Data Quest and earn your first badge!