Cyber Monday: The only deal you need

Cyber Monday: the annual struggle when you try not to buy something you don’t need. This year, it gets a little easier. Instead of online shopping, direct your browser to and take labs!

All 7 labs in the GCP Essentials Quest are available now for 1 credit each, for a limited time. Usually this quest costs $23 US. This week, it’s only $7 – and you get hands-on experience and training in the Google Cloud. Your learning experience will not break, run out of batteries, or go out of style. But hurry, prices go back to normal next week.

Google Cloud online training

Prepare yourself for Cyber Monday with these 4 money saving strategies.

Money saving strategy #1: Be selective with your 70% discounts

Why click that 70% link in your inbox? Instead, get 70% off the GCP Essentials Quest and add a Google cloud badge to your resume. Education is an excellent investment in your future and your career. The skills you learn can help you ace your next project or make your next career move. Will those fancy new wireless headphones get you a promotion?

Money saving strategy #2: Find your safe space

Feeling the urge to cruise a retail websites? Instead, type Q-W-I-K-L-A-B-S-.-C-O-M into your browser. Instead of “add to cart”, each lab brings you closer to adding a Google cloud credential to your resume. Click here to get started.

Google Cloud training badges

Money saving strategy #3: Ask for help if you need it

Forgot your password? No worries. Recover it here. Are you stuck on something? Let us know, we are here to help you get the most out of your Qwiklabs experience. Email us anytime at Or, you can send us a note directly from your lab, here:

Qwiklabs support button

Money saving strategy #4: Update your resume

You never know when you will need it. An up-to-date resume means that you are cool and calm when it comes to talking about your career. You are not running around at the last minute trying to remember the start date of a role you had in 2011. When you list your credentials, be sure to add any Qwiklabs badges you may have earned to prove your “flight time” in the cloud.

While this may not exactly save you money, it’s a good way to increase your own appeal on the job market.

Ready to take advantage of the only Cyber Monday deal you need? Log in now

Oh, and one more thing. 

The newly released Minecraft lab is also available for 1 credit. Another limited time opportunity, so try it out now

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