TensorFlow with Machine Learning Engine and Datalab: There’s a lab for that

A Machine Learning algorithm walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “What will you have?”

The ML algorithm: “What’s everyone else having?”

If you laughed, you’re probably into machine learning. And because you laughed at our terrible joke, have one lab on us. Follow this link to take the lab “Using Distributed TensorFlow with Cloud ML Engine and Cloud Datalab” free of charge.

Here are the steps you’ll take to do the lab and be one step closer to earning your Google Cloud Solutions ll badge!

  1. Sign into Google Cloud Platform using the lab credentials:

You might have noticed – the lab instructions tell you to go to “Products and Services” but the menu in the console has changed. The cloud is always changing! When you see things like this, let us know (just click the yellow button  at the bottom-right of the screen) so we can improve the lab. Thanks!

2. Train the model on Cloud Machine Learning Engine

3. Visualizing the training process with TensorBoard

4. Draw a number with your cursor – can you think of anything else to sketch?

Did you see that red error message I got at first? Can you spot what happened?

Still can’t get enough of Machine Learning? Well, watch a short Machine Learning demo with Josh & Heather, practice with the Cloud ML Engine lab they demo (click the link in the YouTube description), then get more practice with the Using Distributed TensorFlow with Cloud ML Engine and Cloud Datalab.

Don’t forget to follow this link to get 25 Qwiklabs credits to take the lab and other Data and Machine Learning labs in the Google Cloud Solutions II Quest free of charge. Hurry, the link expires Friday, June 8th.

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