This is the Quest you have been looking for…

You have been waiting patiently for a security training Quest…. today’s your lucky day! A new Quest from Qwiklabs, just released: Security & Identity Fundamentals. Dig deep into the building blocks of Google Cloud Platform Security by working with: Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), Network Security, setting up VPCs, VPNs and a private Kubernetes Cluster.

Are you ready to earn your Google Cloud Security and Identity badge? Click here to accept the challenge! (And use this link for 10 credits free of charge to help you along… click now, offer expires Friday.)

Here’s some of what you’ll do in this Quest:

Cloud IAM Custom Roles: Work with the right tools to manage resource permissions. Instead of directly granting users permissions, you grant them roles, which bundles permissions to map job functions within your company to groups and roles. Permissions management at scale? Yup.

Cloud Key Management Storage (KMS): Practice with advanced features of Google Cloud Security and Privacy APIs, set up a secure Cloud Storage bucket and manage keys and encrypted data using KMS. You’ll even use the Enron Corpus!

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network Peering: Work with private connectivity across two VPC networks even if they don’t belong to same project or same organization. Plus, learn to save money with lower GCP egress bandwidth costs.

Cloud Security Scanner: Learn how to identify security vulnerabilities in your Google App Engine web applications. You will scan a sample app – can you find the vulnerabilities?

Data Loss Prevention: Practice with an intelligent data service, Google Cloud Dataprep, to visually explore, clean and prepare data for analysis. This one’s in beta so you’ll be one of the first to use it!

Private Kubernetes Cluster: Learn how to create a private cluster in the cloud environment. Since nodes in the private cluster do not have public IP addresses, your workload runs in an isolated environment from the Internet. This one’s a two-fer, which means if you complete this one lab, you’re making progress on both your Security & Identity Quest, and your Kubernetes in the Google Cloud Quest.

Ready to tackle this challenge? Enroll by Friday, June 22 and get 10 Qwiklabs credits free of charge (no credit card required).



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