What’s a Qwiklabs Quest?

Completing a Qwiklabs Quest and earning a badge is a huge accomplishment – and one you should be proud of. When you finish a Qwiklabs Quest by successfully completing all of the lab requirements, you earn a badge. Your badge demonstrates to the world that you mastered a skill set with Google Cloud Platform. Not only that, you have real, hands-on experience with the cloud.

Whether you earn a badge on your own or your employer (or school, or any other group) sponsors your Qwiklabs learning activities, your badge is undeniably yours. You earned it! And you should share it as part of your professional accomplishments.

Here’s how to share your badge: 

1. Log in to: https://www.google.qwiklabs.com

2. Click on View Public Profile at the top right hand corner

3. If you already have a public profile, you will see it on the Badges tab. If you do not have a public profile, click the Make Profile Public link:

4. You’ll be able to share your profile publicly:

Your public profile will always show:

1. Your First and Last name according to what you listed in your account
2. Your photo if you have one (if you are not comfortable sharing this, you don’t have to upload your photo)
3. Number of labs taken
4. Number of Quests completed
5. And of course, your badges!

Badges & online profiles
There are a few different ways you can display your badges on your online profiles, and you can feel free to be creative with yours. I posted my Scientific Data Processing badge as a “Certification” on my LinkedIn profile. And here’s how it looks:

When you edit your LinkedIn profile, you can add different types of information to your profile. I tried both “Course” and “Certification” and it seems like the latter works best for your Qwiklabs badge.

On a resume, you can create a link to your badge, depending on the file format. It works pretty well for PDF, MS Word and HTML files.

Choose your next Quest – and when you earn your badge, don’t be shy about showing it off!