Your path to Google Cloud Architect Certification: Start with these Quests

Your company’s architecture:

If you want to keep data in sync across Region 1 and Region 2, do you know which product will enable you to do so?

 1. Google Cloud SQL

2. Google Cloud Bigtable 

3. Google Cloud Storage

4. Google Cloud Datastore

Did you know, or did you Google it? Over 70% of IT decision makers believe their organizations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise, about $258,188,279 per organization, according to this report. Companies are looking to hire people who can help. Cloud Systems Architects can make anywhere from $136k – $170k per year. Being a Certified Google Cloud Architect makes it easy to identify you as a person who can help with $258 million in lost revenue. Google can help you be the person with all the answers, starting with hands-on labs:

1. If you’re new to Google Cloud start with the Baseline: Infrastructure Quest to perform basic tasks in Cloud Storage, deploy a containerized application with Google Kubernetes Engine, build a Docker image, create and deploy a Cloud Function, publish and consume messages, create a Cloud IoT Core device registry and perform basic operations in Cloud Spanner.

2. Thinking about getting certified? Tackle the Cloud Architecture Quest to help you prepare. Use this link to enroll in the Quest by Friday, May 25 and get 30 credits free of charge, to start your journey towards your next Google Cloud credential. Get in-depth experience with: Identity and Access Management (IAM), infrastructure scenarios, Cloud Security and Privacy APIs, breaking an application into microservices, debugging, API call tracing and using Deployment Manager to establish alerts to trigger incident response.

3. Then try the practice exam to assess your readiness. How did it go? Try to stay away from Google for this one…

4. Extra credit: Want to push your skills to the next level? Challenge yourself with the Scaling Your Infrastructure Quest, developed by Google experts. Learn how to: set up multiple NAT gateways, deploy an autoscaling Compute Engine, customize Stackdriver logging, set up Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine to help orchestrate your software delivery pipeline and use Spinnaker to continuously deploy the application when changes are made.

Since certification proves your ability to design, develop and manage dynamic solutions that are robust, scalable and highly available, it is a smart way to fast-track your cloud career in an accelerating industry with Google. And don’t forget, enroll in the Cloud Architecture Quest by Friday, May 25 and get 30 credits free of charge, to start your journey towards your next Google Cloud credential.

Are you going to Next ‘18? Get certified while you’re there and grow your network (pass the exam and you’ll get exclusive access to the certification lounge, too!).


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